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"Colchester Anti Loo Roll Brigade Inspiring Communities & Improving Lives

Who we are

                              As the pandemic grew, so did the group.                                    We set up a huge support network which                                  became a lifeline for our local Elderly,                                        disabled and isolating community and                                        arranged prescription delivery services,                                    provided education services as well as                                      providing food, gifts and much needed                                      positivity to our local NHS and care                                          homes; which included Elvis concerts and                                bagpipes to name a few. We quickly became extremely successful in getting help where and when it was needed.

We provided 15000 masks to our local care network and linked them up with suppliers after running a highly successful campaign with St Helena hospice during the PPE crisis.

We re-housed 3 families whose house caught fire during lockdown and we are nearing completion on re building one house and have created and completed many DIY sos projects through our wonderful community.

Through donations we then managed to provide furniture and goods to people in need; referred to us from the various agencies we started to work with.

Our Mission

  • ​To inspire our community to help each other and to improve the lives of local people. After realising that we found ourselves in a position to have a long term positive impact, the decision was made to become a Community Interest Company so we could continue to operate and grow effectively. We now have a committee who bring expertise into the areas we shall be working in as we move forward.

  • We currently provide free furniture, goods and support through referrals from the various agencies we now work very closely with, including our Local domestic abuse team, our local homeless agencies, Colchester borough council, Social services and many more.

  • We also aim to try and get help where it’s needed and have embarked on many DIY SOS style projects and aim to continue to offer help and support where we can.

  • We are always looking at ways to improve the lives of those that need it most and are currently working with E C C and Social Services discussing a way of providing work placements and skills, teaching for our local homeless teenagers and youngsters who come through the care network, providing laptops and working hard to break their cycle.

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